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Reasons Why Your Small Business Shouldn’t Hire a Virtual Assistant

Live Receptionist Features Smart, friendly, and available when you need them to be. Davinci virtual live receptionists are proficient in many widely-used calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook, and are here to schedule all your appointments in real-time using a virtual appointment scheduling system. Our appointment scheduling service is your communication solution.

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It includes an online calendar that can be customized for meeting scheduling and online appointment setting. It will also send email alerts or text notifications for new or upcoming appointments. Get all the benefits of an in-house employee, without any of the overhead.

Best Virtual Personal Assistant for Busy Entrepreneurs | Donetown

Our friendly live receptionists can help you with appointment scheduling, managing emails to confirm appointments, auto email and text reminders, calendar management, and out-of - town meeting scheduling. There are calls you have to be on, calls that propel your business forward, and calls that keep you growing.

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Davinci live receptionists can expertly handle all outbound calling duties, such as lead generation calls, outbound appointment scheduling, follow-up calls, surveys and market research, subscription renewals and sales, and third-party verification services. All outbound calling is carried out by a professional virtual personal assistant who is trained on the specifics of your business.

Answering phones is not all our live virtual receptionists can do. Our receptionists are trained and prepared to help you with advanced administrative tasks, such as order processing.

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Davinci virtual receptionists can also be trained to take orders from callers using whatever web-based commerce solution you use to run your business. They can log into your e-commerce site to help gather payment information from customers and submit shipment and billing address information, along with directly processing returns or looking up invoices within your specific commerce solution.

It's possible and I would argue essential to unload many aspects of your day-to-day work, leaving you free to tackle the higher-level, strategic, and money-making projects that often get neglected. But it's also the resource we are quickest to waste. What are you waiting for? Let's get started on your outsourcing adventure today! Search for anything. Udemy for Business. Try Udemy for Business. Teach on Udemy Turn what you know into an opportunity and reach millions around the world.

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This course includes. Certificate of Completion. Training 5 or more people? What you'll learn. You can, however, request to meet a few at a time if you want to do some comparisons. If you need more to go on than just the interview before making a hire, consider paying for a test project. Give each eCommerce virtual assistant a short task or two to complete so you can see their actual performance and see what the experience is like working with each candidate.

By doing a test project, you can learn more about how the freelancer works, see their level of expertise and give feedback so that if you hire them for more work, you both are on the same page.

How to hire an ecommerce virtual assistant & scale your store

Apart from the task-specific details, each ecommerce virtual assistant you hire needs to know what your specific expectations are for the work. This helps them to understand how best to work in your business, and if they can do it at a high level. You must, therefore, set clear expectations before you make a hire. Set up a meeting immediately after hiring someone. Talk about your business goals, the way you work and communicate, and the way you like to run things.

Both you and the freelancer will use this to gauge whether or not you will work well together. The entire relationship will very much depend on how you set up communication. Having these in place upfront can avoid many communication issues down the line. VA Tip: A good working relationship is never one-sided, and with freelancers being business owners themselves, you are working with professionals who appreciate a certain level of respect.

As you begin the online hiring process to scale your eCommerce business, take FreeeUp into consideration when looking at freelance marketplaces. They started FreeeUp after years of frustration hiring for eCommerce talent from other hiring marketplaces and today continue to offer their time to speak with new clients. A key part to scaling your business to the 6, 7, and 8 figures in sales is remembering that you have to hire other smart people to support your growth initiatives for the company.

Virtual Assistant: Find, Hire, Train, and Manage

To scale to that size, you need a team that you can rely on for all of the operations and growth objectives. Hiring basic level, international eCommerce virtual assistants to handle the operations of your eCommerce business can be an affordable and effective solution.

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Hire the ones that you need, whether that means 5 or 25 hours per week, for only as many hours or days you need to get the work done. Have any specific questions about hiring to scale your eCommerce business? Check out my new blog RisePro.