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Pianist Benjamin Powell performs a programme of classical music by candlelight. 27 no. 2 'Moonlight' Debussy - Suite Bergamasque Debussy - L'isle Joyeuse Since winning the British Contemporary Piano Competition in Benjamin.

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Some applications consume ALL memory, while others give and take as necessary. Many more have memory leaks that take, take and take some more until all resources are exhausted. The hypervisor is able to understand much of how memory is used by the guest virtual machines on the system and usher memory around as necessary. The guest OS believes that it has everything it is configured with when, in reality, the hypervisor has only given it what it needs.

Plus, with techniques like transparent page sharing, common memory contents can be shares amongst virtual machines. Magic, I tell you! Memory management goes out the window when it turns out the guest virtual machine actually needs the resources it is looking for. In a highly contentious environment, the resulting is a significant amount of virtual host swapping, if not worse.

One of the most common times for high memory contention is a boot storm, a period of time in which a significant number of virtual machines on a host are booting at the same time. Windows operating systems, while booting, consume ALL memory configured. In the event of a power failure or a VDI workload, it is very possible that ALL physical memory can be consumed at the same time.

The result is that the performance of ALL workloads on the server can suffer until the demand for memory has subsided, which may very well end up being a significant amount of time. This is especially true if the CxO or application owner is standing over your shoulder. Be sure to check back here next week for part 2 of this post - which explores how this affects the storage and network sides.

Bill is an industry recognized vExpert. By day Bill manages the IT infrastructure for a multinational logistics company. It may even be that cooler heads in Iran would favor a stable state with a majority Shia demographic over a sectarian state that will become a magnet for future Sunni insurgents on their border. American news sources often paint the Shia-Sunni conflict in Iraq as inevitable, bitter, and long-standing.

In fact, there is considerable evidence that the Sunni and Shia populations prior to the US invasion had workable and even warm relations.

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Scholars point out that the rate of intermarriage between the two groups is higher than that between Caucasian-Americans and African-Americans or between American Christians and Jews. Many Iraqi tribes also have members from both sects. That the Bakr family steered poor Shia away from communism and towards a religious movement is also true.

Even then, the revolt did not degenerate into a Shia-Sunni conflict; it was simply a rebellion against an oppressive regime. In addition, when Sunni and Shia were interviewed by the National Democratic Institute soon after the invasion, they held that their Iraqi national identities were more important to them than their religious identities. During the Shia holidays of Ashura and Arbaeen, when Shia make pilgrimages by foot to the holy shrines in Karbala, Sunni sheykhs offered water to help them with their pilgrimage. These and other examples demonstrate that the salience of the Sunni-Shia conflict is often trumped by cooperation between the two groups.

In Kurdistan, for instance, where both Shia and Sunni Kurds give priority to the issue of Kurdistan autonomy or an ethnic nationalist agenda, one never hears of Sunni-Shia conflict. The oft heard Iraqi contention that the sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shia only grew in the wake of the American occupation is a serious one — especially as it concerns the structure of the new government.

By showing how change can take place through electoral politics rather than violent action, the US hoped to reduce violence while adding to the credibility of future political action through the ballot box. This was well intentioned but fundamentally misguided.


It is one thing to debate the proper successor to Mohammed as part of a religious exercise or historical study. On the other hand, this reservation imposes a negative impact on performance for the utilization of a channel.

This paper proposes a new channel access scheme referred to as the contention over reservation MAC CoR-MAC protocol for time-critical services in wireless body area sensor networks. CoR-MAC uses the dual reservation; if the reserved time slots are known to be vacant, other nodes can access the time slots by contention-based reservation to maximize the utilization of a channel and decrease the delay of the data.

To measure the effectiveness of the proposed scheme against IEEE Spurred by the rapid convergence of key technologies, such as physiological sensors, wireless communication and low power micro-electro-mechanical systems MEMS , a new generation of wireless body area sensor networks WBASNs is emerging. These WBASNs exploit special-purpose implantable biosensors that aim to provide a large variety of applications, including computer-assisted rehabilitation, early detection of medical conditions, etc. To display human physiological status, these biosensors continuously monitor and transmit health conditions to a coordinating device wirelessly, forming a WBASN.

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One of the important challenges is to provide urgent data transmissions for life-critical applications. Techniques for urgent data transmissions have traditionally been based on priority. There have been a large number of studies on priority-based mechanisms [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ] in wireless networks. The IEEE If we use the CAP to transmit urgent data, there is no guaranteed deadline of urgent data transmission due to contentions with other urgent or non-urgent data.

Therefore, to guarantee such a deadline, the CFP is a better option for urgent data transmission. However, the IEEE Further, since the emergency alarms do not occur frequently, reserving the GTSs for emergencies will waste scarce wireless resources. For WBASNs, the few proposals for urgent data transmission in terms of priority-based MAC can be classified into three categories: parametric [ 13 , 14 , 15 ], channelization-based [ 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 ] and hybrid [ 20 , 21 ] approaches. The parametric approach is a technique where channel access parameters are treated differently for various traffic types, as in the enhanced distributed channel access EDCA mechanism in IEEE The channelization-based approach is a scheme in which priority is assigned based on transmission opportunity.


The hybrid approach is a scheme that exploits the benefits of both parametric and channelization-based techniques. Recently, IEEE Details of this classification will be discussed in Section 2. However, dedicated time slots waste wireless resources. When the dedicated time slots are not used, the other nodes cannot use those time slots. To solve this problem, in the CoR-MAC, data can be transmitted over the time slot, which is dedicated to another node and not in use.

The rest of this paper is organized as follows.

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We survey the existing related work in Section 2. Section 5 evaluates the performance of our protocol compared to the existing schemes. Finally, we draw conclusions and suggest future directions in Section 6. According to the taxonomy mentioned in Section 1 , Cao et al. Zhang et al. During AC1 and AC2, time slots are reserved for periodic traffic and bursty traffic. Although divided time slots can help to transmit bursty traffic with heavy-weighted periodic traffic, the time slots may cause negative impact on the utilization of wireless resources because bursty traffic and periodic traffic neither use timeslots of the other side.

Ali et al. However, this scheme only provides reliable emergency data transmission, but does not guarantee the delay of urgent data. In this protocol, data traffic is divided into two classes of medical urgent and consumer electronic CE , both of which are transmitted over TDMA slots. Since the CAP and CFP are divided into two, respectively, for both types of traffic, the medical traffic can still access the channel even if the CE traffic is overwhelmed. This is their prioritization mechanism differentiating medical from CE traffic.

However, their approach does not guarantee timely transmission of urgent medical data, even if TDMA slots for medical traffic are exhausted, but the slots for CE are available. Li et al. If non-urgent data win a contention in CAP, urgent data cannot be transmitted in the superframe, and it does not guarantee the QoS.

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Otal et al. The DQBAN utilizes its cross-layer fuzzy rule-based scheduler to schedule higher-priority urgent data before the other traffic types in the data transmission queue DTQ. However, there still remains the problem of the channelization-based protocol, which cannot guarantee the deadline of urgent data transmission due to contentions with other data. Zhen et al.

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In [ 19 ], the priority access period PAP is added after the beacon phase in the superframe for urgent data transmission.