In the Valley of Dying Stars

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The Cheetah Diaries

Who will be crowned the cutest of them all? Find out what happens to star ambassador Joseph, and why young Chobe chews his tail off.

Watch how the glamorous founder Annie Bechhelling takes challenges in her stride, from a big move to new facilities and a flood-induced landslide to the death of one of her favourite cheetahs. Share the ups and downs, the heartache and joy of The Cheetah Diaries, a ten part series that will leave a paw print on your heart. Free news alerts From the daily C21Media newsfeed to weekly genre focused e-publications.

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The Cheetah Diaries S04

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The Cheetah Diaries Series 3

The Cheetah Diaries 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book was really good, I like the authors writing style and I couldn't stop reading. I highly recommend it. ABC63 More than 1 year ago While this was billed as a "young adult" novel, its intelligent treatment of growing up a bit different in a small southern town will appeal to adults as well.

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I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't give it to my daughter until I found out what happened to the 15 year old protagonist as she navigated a public high school in the mountains of North Carolina -- with a pet cheetah from her dad's wild animal rescue center. It's a well-written, entertaining, and often funny book, but it will also give rise to a lot of conversation about many of the bigger issues it touches upon.

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The Cheetahs Shall Survive

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Michael Hann: The sad truth about Honey the cheetah | Media | The Guardian

Brandy, Tip, Tracy, and Diamond are four friends who have the world in the palm Brandy, Tip, Tracy, and Diamond are four friends who have the world in the palm of their hands. Brandy is a gold digger with a capital G!

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