In the Valley of Dying Stars

Pianist Benjamin Powell performs a programme of classical music by candlelight. 27 no. 2 'Moonlight' Debussy - Suite Bergamasque Debussy - L'isle Joyeuse Since winning the British Contemporary Piano Competition in Benjamin.

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Much appreciated! I swear my cat can hear from wherever he is in our house, when I get into my bed. He comes running at full speed and takes his spot next to me in the middle of the bed. Haha, yes this can be a battle. I am also not really an owner of a bed. I also need to ask my cat if there is still some space for me.

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But there is not much space left if the middle is already taken by a cat. But that is something that probably only cat owner do understand. Most realistic way to think about it.

Do cats like to be kissed?

Servant is the right word. LOVE this post! Your post makes me want to perhaps try again. Thanks for the feedback about the post and thanks for your comment. Sorry to ask you, but did you mean you still have two cats or did you mean they are not there anymore? My cats lived a very long life, one 16 years and the other They had good lives and enriched my own as well. When I lost them I was very heartbroken.

They were there when my mom had passed away when I was just Oh, I understand now what you mean. This sounds very sad. I do pretty much understand your decision.

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I wish you all the best. One of our dogs and our cat sleep on my bed. I get the rest. These are great quotes! Cool that your cat and dog get on well together. This must be very cute. I do also love dogs. There are many other pets in our family but in my apartment is just the cat you can see on the photo of the quote list. But when I visit the family, I am really happy that we have so many other pets there too. That is so much fun.

I have 3 dogs and a cat and am going to get a fish. Unfortunately our two dogs and cat get along most of the time. They are all adorable in their own way though. Fishes are good!

I have two fish tanks and this is really a relaxing hobby too not only because of the beautiful fishes but also because the beautiful underwater plants that I can let grow. Looks like you have a big pet gang there! Yes pets can be very jealous if there are other animals as well. But I am pretty much sure you take care and know how to handle it. Thanks for the compliments and thanks for following. Be prepared, my blog is about a lot of different subjects.

The experts weigh in on this common sign of affection.

I will check out all blogs who commented here when things calm down here, to see if I find something interesting and I might follow too then. I like it, that is a good cat quote too! When I researched, there really was a mass of quotes that I found and I somehow had to nail it down and decided for a list of fourty quotes. Yes, this cat quote made me laugh hard. Yes, I think that really fits well. Most people in my family have dogs and they are graceful too, but I agree, cats and dogs both have a very different character and different behaviours.

There is a big difference but they all are adorable on their own. I grew up with cats around me. My mother was petrified of dogs ever since a childhood incident. I adore them and currently have 4 living with me — as No. I just have one cat but I plan to get a second one. My name is Dennis, also, and I am owned by two cats, Monica 15 and Melvin 5.

Melvin also owns the dog next door! But I will search for a kitten anyway as I am patient and have some cat experience already, and well, kittens are super cute!

The Plight of the Feral Cats of Greece – Advocacy for Animals

So, there would be a difference in 6 years in case I get a second cat. Enjoyable post! I guess most people like all kind of pets, they just have to decide for one. I truly believe this. A cat can also be trained with enough patience and mutual respect. My cat and I have an unbelievable relationship.

I trim her nails and give her baths and she behaves perrrrfectly.

'Atheist cat finds your praying cute but ultimately futile'

She always greets me when I get home. She is remarkable! I agree with this. Patience is the key with cats. I sign the rest of what you said too as I made a similar experience. My cat is watching me every morning too when I get ready in the bathroom or she follows me in the kitchen and so. Not ashamed to admit it.

I started a blog featuring my kitty, Jebus because clients at work I work for a vet suggested it since I like to dress him up. Funny kitty list. I can relate. My cat really behaves like a sculpture at times. I like Mark Twain has a lot of good quotes. Number 38, that is so true yes. One must learn that a cat is in charge and one must always follow their lead. If they want to be cuddled, they will ask for it.

The Plight of the Feral Cats of Greece

I have always had cats, in fact my first photos with me in the playpen have two cats keeping me company. Of course. Over time I have had 25 cats, sometimes as many as 8 or 9 at once, and never regretted any of them. Always something to learn, something to discover, since most of them are strays or rescue cats and have private stories to tell.

With a symphony of colors to choose from, each kitten is unique and extraordinary.

You will LAUGH SO HARD that YOU WILL FAINT - FUNNY CAT compilation

Every kitten within our nursery is peacefully prayed over and given the highest quality care from the moment they enter this world until the time they venture off into their new forever homes. Enhance your life and home by adopting one of our fabulous doll face teacup Persian kitten. We understand the extreme importance of locating an ethical cattery where your hard earned money and heart-based decisions are held in the highest regards.

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