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Any suggestions as to how post menopausal women can gain some muscle mass? Mine is good but want to maintain and gain a bit more mass. I have to be extremely careful what I ask my body to do because the outcome may not be what I expect. When I started to plateau I pushed too hard with extreme carbohydrate restriction then calorie, mostly because of the extreme saitety. Now I am hypothyroid with elevated reverse t3. My body saw itself as starving and put on the brakes. Now I am almost 50 lbs heavier on meds and trying to learn all over how to eat.

Keto is a powerful too and with that power there needs to be more understanding. I tried keto for about a week after I had my second child. I was only 7 weeksish postpartum. Within the first week I noticed a shift in my milk-supply pretty bad. It may have been too early to change my diet or reduce carbs, perhaps I did it too dramatically. I was making sure to eat around ish calories per day.

Maybe I just really like roasted root vegetables too much and my body knows :L.

I would like more information on keto for postmenopausal women. I consider myself keto adaptive because if I go off the rails I can get back into ketosis quickly. My concerns have more to do with drops in energy and combatting joint inflammation. How much protein should I eat and how much is too much? What do you think of MCT oil? Is there any research on the effects of keto and the best way to follow keto for a former athlete who is postmenopausal?

I am a 64 years young woman and would like to see my part of the tribe addressed. For me, keto does not work female, 40s. I was already paleo-primal for months when I went keto, and it still took my thyroid down. I personally thrive in medium fat, medium protein, medium carbs. Overall, about gr of net carbs per day.

Which is Primal. My ancestry is Mediterranean, and we pretty much never go keto in the winter, not even in the ancient times like northern Europeans usually did. Overall, I think men do better with keto than women do. Women do need the carbs evolutionary-speaking in order to produce offspring. The rest of the time, just Paleo-primal.

This is so interesting to me. She said she has been seeing a lot of women with the same experience. I saw increases in fitness but regressions in body composition. I, of course, go my averages, and I do a re-feed once a week. An excellent post! My wife started down the keto journey after I was on it almost two years and experienced some of the issues. We both quickly figured out that we each need to fine tune our food intake — an ongoing adventure!

I am so needing this article. The struggle is real. Initial weight loss of 3 pounds and then up 1. Week 2 and nothing. Not crazy on calories, working out a lot, lots of water, mag supplement. I do not understand. I feel pretty good. Urine ketone strip confirms ketosis. So frustrating. I did a KETO experiment earlier this year and found that — outside the first week or so — I did not experience great results, at least body composition-wise. My fitness increased — faster sprint times, better run times — and I certainly became fat adapted.

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But the lower levels of carb and caloric intake left me TOO much in a deficit for my activity levels. When I bumped up the carbs and calories, I started to see better body composition. That being said, I have hit yet another plateau hey, we fitness professionals hit them, too….

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It is frustrating to work so hard and see results…. But it IS motivating to find new ways to do things, learn more, and find a way out of a slump. I have shared this post with my readers…. As always, thanks, Mark, for a great, thoughtful, and helpful post! I usually do intermittent fasting by eating in a hr window, which I find easier. But will eat breakfast if I feel I need it, which sometimes I do. I most definitely need to eat enough protein and it needs to be around g really.

I think it is a case of listening to your body and adjusting to what works for you. I went ketogenic two years ago to address menopausal and sleep problems. It took me 5 months to figure out. I quickly stopped the ketogenic diet when my symptoms began because it was my only dietarty change I was moderate carb primal. I literally started to turn grey and was incredibly nutritionally deprived. I read that keto and women and histamine response can be linked. Do you have any thoughts? Finally, I used to make and eat ferments like crazy. No more ACV, kombucha, kraut, you name it.

HI Mark, Thank you for this article. It gave me information I needed about being strict. I stick with your Keto Reset recipes and guidelines and it is working great for me. I am looking forward to using recipes from the Primal cookbook. So, the most basic take-away on this is to find your own balance, depending on your own lifestyle, stress level and maybe even metabolic make-up.

It has taken me years of gradual adjustment to be comfortable with a ketogenic diet. I think that our bodies develop metabolic habits slowly, and need time to adjust.

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I started by avoiding sweet drinks and candy. After close to a year of that, I was accustomed to it. Then I started to eliminate breads and grain things. Then I began to cut down on fruits, until I was eating less than one piece of fruit in 2 days. What was last? Potato chips.

I still have an occasional lapse! Miss Vickies are my downfall! But it has been a multi-year adjustment. Now I rarely feel a pull to eat things that will take me out of keto. I also think that the fear of a vanishing appetite is overdone. Keto never took my appetite away.

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Preferably outdoors. Last but not least, I think that any dietary regimen that requires measuring every gram of your food is obsessive. These are great. Also appreciate the attention to adaptation. When I work with clients who want to try keto, a first step is transitioning to paleo-primal for at least 30 days. I am wondering if Keto is totally fine to do if you plan on trying to become pregnant in the next 6 months or so. I am very new to keto and love everything I am reading and learning and have been on the diet for 8 days.

I do plan on trying to become pregnant with my third child sometime in the near future and wonder if I should have any worry of this diet affecting fertility.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate that you recognize that one diet or routine will not be optimal for every person, that you recognize the differences of individual body chemistries. It makes perfect sense.