In the Valley of Dying Stars

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For Who Hath Resisted His Will: His Will, His Word, His Grace

As we experience the pressures of temptation, we should realize that those who are in authority over us are also undergoing temptations and are in need of our intercessory prayer. In troubled times, we need to consider our priorities and discern if we are spending enough time preserving the most important aspects of our lives: our relationships with God and others. We should regularly evaluate the health of our relationships and invest the time and effort needed to maintain them honorably.

When we do not spend time with God, memorizing and meditating on His Word, and praying, we miss out on one of the most important means God uses to give us wisdom and to change our hearts. We also rob others of the spiritual encouragement, direction, and testimonies we could share if we were faithfully spending time with God. Adversity that comes because of having wrong priorities may be the consequence of trying to do more than God intended for us to do.

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If we have more projects than we can manage to do in six days, we have undertaken more work than God intended. How we weather the storms of life shows what we have built our lives on. The strain of adversity impacts relationships. Hard times reveal if people want to get or to give.

True, lasting friendship is described in the Biblical account of David and Jonathan. Instead, he remained a faithful friend to David until the end of his life. Jonathan befriended, encouraged, warned, and protected David, accepting him as the one who would be the king of Israel in his place. When Jonathan died, David was deeply grieved. We need to rely on God and receive His grace. God works within the Christian in a mighty way, making him dead to sin and alive in Christ and enabling him to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit rather than according to fleshly desires.

See Romans 6—8. Suffering brings pain, but it is not an end in itself. So then death worketh in us, but life in you. Like Paul and Silas, we need to be praising God when troubles, trials and tribulations come our way. Christ suffered beyond what we can imagine We, too, can claim such victories over sin in our lives. Yes, we may suffer some even greatly , while here, but our time on this earth is so minute when compared to an eternity in heaven, we should rejoice and rejoice greatly.

Adversity helps us to keep on our toes and highlights the fact that we must always be in prayer Luke NIV 46 "Why are you sleeping?

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This is a wholesome treatise on the subject of suffering. Thank God, I read it. Now, joy and peace shall be my greatest weapons against oppression big or small. Skip to main content. Understanding Adversity.

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Adversity gets our attention. Adversity reminds us of our weaknesses.

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Adversity motivates us to cry out to God. We are to cry out to God with our voice. We can cry out to God for mercy each day. We are to cry out to God in humility. We are to cry out to God with a pure heart. Adversity motivates us to fear the Lord. Adversity strengthens our hatred for sin. Adversity is a call for self-examination. He gave elephants four legs, thick ones, and wrens two legs, thin ones. Because He wanted to! To understand the Bible, you must realize that God is the sovereign Creator. There is no law superior to Him that commands, "Thou shalt not make elephants with two legs, or thou shalt not hate Esau, or harden Pharaoh's heart.

All objections presuppose that man is, in some way or other, independent of God and has obtained from somewhere, or achieved by his own efforts, some right over against him. Man has rights they say, that God must respect. On the contrary man has no rights in opposition to God. What ever rights a man has are those God decides to give him. God, as Creator, can give, withhold, or retake any rights as He pleases. Whatever rights he gives to man are a gift and not a debt. No one has any claims over the creator. Remember in the book of Job when Job began to question God?

Job wanted a legal hearing to prove God's injustices against him. God didn't explain his ways to Job, He exhibited them, showing that the sovereign Creator and sustainer of the universe does not owe puny man an explanation. The grand object of God, both in the election and the reprobation of man, is that which is paramount to all else in the creation of the universe; namely, His own glory.

What if God, exercising His sovereign right of choice, makes some vessels of mercy while others are made vessels of wrath? Does God have a right to display his wrath?

Resisting God's Will (Forerunner Commentary)

Does He have a right to display His Justice? Wrath and Justice are as much a part of His character as are mercy and grace. Therefore, the entrance of sin into the world was necessary, so that God could manifest His wrath and His judgement and His holy anger because these are part of His character. Listen carefully, for ages, theologians have argued and debated over the origin of evil.

Let me tell you plainly, it was God's will that sin should enter the world, He decreed it.

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  • Now if that shocks you, it is far more shocking to insist that sin has invaded the world against God's will. If that happened, He wouldn't be omnipotent, would he? Some folks say that God just permitted sin to enter the world. Permission is not a word to use with God. Nothing in the universe can be independent of the omnipotent Creator, for in him we live and move and have our being. Therefore, the idea of permission makes no sense when applied to God.

    In his book "Reason to Believe" R. Sproul was examining all the best and most credible arguments for the origin of evil. After he examined some of the different theodicies, he concludes by saying this:. I am not satisfied with any of them. It is not my intent to be the devil's advocate or to lend assistance to those who reject Christianity because of these objections.

    The grace of God is not in vain

    I am not trying to give the skeptic more ammunition than he may already have. I am trying to make it clear that the problem is a severe one and one for which I have no adequate solution. I do not know how evil could originate with a good God. I am baffled by it, and it remains a troublesome mystery to me.

    Sproul is unable to address why there is a world full of evil. How terrifying! What most Christians believe about God and evil is just plain old deism the belief that God created the world and then left it to itself to operate. God is no idle spectator, looking on from a distant world at the happenings on our earth, but is Himself, shaping everything to the ultimate promotion of His own glory.